Intuitive Writing Workshops

Why writing

Writing contributes to the process of healing and awareness.

I help people with the power of poetry to use writing as a tool that contributes to the process of growth and healing. Connecting with people and their stories creates new energy, insight, and pathways to involvement.

Writing is a powerful tool that opens the doors to your subconsciousness and all the outer corners of your being, contributing to awareness and benefitting healing and self-love. Whatever your story might be, it’s worth every chapter trust me on this.

Life, in all its form, is a story worth telling.

I’ve been successfully providing workshops to and in collaboration with several organizations and I have made it my mission to continue doing this wherever in this amazing world I find myself while connecting people with words and through stories.

Words and experiences of those who participated

De workshops van Joni hebben mij veel inzicht gegeven. Ik heb ontdekt dat door het schrijven, ik beter bij de essentie kan komen van hetgeen mij op een bepaald moment bezig houdt. Het werkte ook meditatief, mezelf een half uurtje onder dompelen in het uitschrijven van mijn gedachten. Om tot de ontdekking te komen dat een half uur zo om is. Wat ik vooral geweldig vond was het dichten. Wat een creativiteit kwam daarbij los. Bij iedereen. Zo onverwachts. Echt super!

Angela Slingerland

At the last deep dive training of iDDD, Joni was invited as a special guest to help providing insights by using different writing skills during the training. One of them was the so called “freewrite” method. Joni helped us in mastering this skill by sharing her own experiences and realizations while using this technique. When doing the exercises she asked us to do, I was amazed by my own insights and the realization that in everybody there hides a poet! All in all a great way to work on yourself. Thank you Joni!

Sjors Oosterwaal

Operations Manager
I use Journaling as a tool to release emotions and clear my mind since ages – yet, doing a workshop with certain tasks/exercises have been a real newbie for me. And I absolutely loved it. It also totally surprised me. Through the guidance, I opened up to a new direction and discovered a new approach. Jones guides very intuitively and really hold space for every expression. She has great energy and presence and a unique way of sharing her art. What also made the experience special and the outcome very powerful for me, was being supported and safe in a group. Can’t wait for her next one in Asia.

Ina Andrea

Key Performance And Mindset Coach

Upcoming workshops

October 5 – October 8 – Deep Dive retreat, Solano – Spain (full)

January 17 – BlueBird Yoga , Amsterdam – The Netherlands (still spots open)

January 18 – Yoga Cabana, Rotterdam – The Netherlands (still spots open)

January 24 – Bluebird Yoga, Amsterdam – The Netherlands (still spots open)

July 29 – August 9th – iDDD retreat Bali, Indonesia (still spots open)

September 20 – September 23 – Lifetime Leadership Master Deep Dive Andalusia, Spain (still spots open)


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